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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Just wanted to test out the new digs and see how things look...

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Friday, September 19, 2003


It's been a good week in a lot of aspects, and a bad week as well..

Sammi arrived last Thursday on a spur-of-the-moment visit. She had a hot-shot to deliver at St. Pete's and then she dropped by to see me - she wasn't expecting the trip to take so long so she arrived well after 1am with Freya. I enjoyed her visit immensly; even though I couldn't afford to have a house-guest and the fact that the larger of my two cockatoos is terrified of dogs period. Freya and Maya had a wonderful time together - now Maya is all lethargic because her buddy went home and she has no one left to play with!

Sammi is in bad shape - poor girlie... She lost her apartment because Freya had an accident and slit her paw open - both of them were unable to work for about a month. Sammi lives transient now, underneath the rickshaw at night snuggled up with Freya. Since she is one of my most used/oldest submissives, of course I always worry for her welfare when she is away from me... I've asked Marc to keep an eye out for her once in a while for me to make sure that she has somewhere she can go for a hot shower or a hot meal if she ever needs one - he was more than happy to help me out.

My Blue Bunny Babe
Not a great pic, but I'm sure you get the idea! The dog is HUGE - she's a cross between an Irish Wolf Hound and a Great Perenese. People comment "that's not a dog, that's a horse" when they see gentle Freya.

Steph has finally signed up for a journal, but hasn't figured out how to use it yet... In her words "you're gonna hafta teach my dumb ass how this thing works". This is another of my far-away submissives... I had the opportunity to spend ten days with her before Julia happened earlier this year. She is a very talented artist, very spiritual and very pretty. I can't wait until she gets a handle on life and it's time for her to move back to Edmonton!! Being on the shift that I am currently, I'm not able to chat with her as often as I'd like to - we seem to keep missing each other.

Pretty Stephie
Hmm seems to be the only photo I own of her clothed! lol

On other news... Raven is busy getting her certificate in massage therapy - what a treat! I'll be getting to spend some time with her during David's absence. I'm very much looking forward to seeing all of my girls in my "alone time". Time enough to get caught up on all the visits I've missed by having far too much to do!

Raven-haired Beauty  mmmmmm

Marc sounds completely miserable and I feel for him... I wanna go down there and strangle that damn D... I'm very protective of my loved ones and especially Marc - we've known each other since we were kids.

Tomb asked me to update his site for him *dances with glee* the boys are back together and going strong again!! For those of you that don't know my long-time friend Tomb, you should really go and see my fansite The Forbidden Dimension. Guys that do psychobilly just for fun, not for fame... If I had my way Tomb would be a household name...

I've also had several offers in the last little while for male applicants for submission... Mistress Persephone is quite the inspiration. She has always been an icon to me there are a lot of things I like about her style. The only downfall of going back into performance art for fetish is the travelling.... I have my little farm now and I really don't want to be away from my critters for long periods of time... Blah!!

Anyhoo I should be off to get some site updates done and to wallow in my depression... Buying things I really can't afford tonite...

By Rebecca at 5:26 PM | bullet.gif


Sunday, September 14, 2003

Results...: HASH(0x83cc50c)
You are like Lord Shiva. He is a God who works in
two ways. He is responsible for both in the
form of death and destruction and in a positive
way he has the sense of shedding old bad
habits. He is self-controlled and celibate. You
are stongly religious like Lord Shiva and you
can obtain yourself to a proper level in your
life. You are able to keep yourslef
undercontroll and by this you are probably very
popular and not hated or disliked by others
because of your bright ways.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Might have to do several entries today - my "train of thought" seems to derail quite often lately... Low seratonin=bad concentration.

Been surfing the Livejournals and want to add a few more as "friends" - ppl that I used to talk to on quite a regular basis online. Pathetic, but the hours that I have been working lately between the three jobs, I don't have time for a social life any more. Thankfully though, I don't have to keep this pace up for much longer - or it's gonna kill me!

It looks as though the Deadmonton festival is going to be kicked back to October, and considerably downsized. I don't care what any of the pissed off fans say - we have had little to no support for the horror film festival and that is saddening and maddening at the same time. The City of Detroit was willing to spend thousands of dollars to make sure that Edmonton had a great festival, yet the City of Edmonton isn't willing to spend a dime on a festival of this kind. Sad really... The fans said the reason that there was low turn out was because of no advertising, but no one seems to understand that you can't advertise a festival unless you know said festival is going to go ahead. We've been flamed big-time, and I have no idea how to respond to some of the complaints. I know the industry people still support us and that counts for a lot, so hopefully they will all turn out to support what will be our last festival in Edmonton.

In the midst of updating the Forbidden Dimension site... I'm SO inspired by the last show and the news that there are 3 new singles out on a comp and the fact that there are rumours of new t-shirts and more than one show coming up before the end of the year... Tomb may be newly single, and I have a feeling the band and the music are a distraction from the horrors of DIVORCE! Nonetheless, he is still sexy and now single - I'll bet the groupies are going to be gathering at his feet to worship him in no time!

Just found out that one of my icons has herself a Livejournal - (Mistress Persephone) I have a few friends that are "celebrities" in the world's eye view and just find it amazing still that they are just people like you and I - any of my friends are quirky though - and most are kinky - ummm yeah - not "normal" but people like me! lol People that have hopes, fears and dreams and have just as many bumps on the way to glory that any human being would have...

Detroit is starting to look tantalizing to David - I hear they have a very large gothic scene (as compared to Deadmonton) out there... Maybe I'll have better luck finding some quality submissives down that way. I've met some very nice people here in Deadmonton, don't get me wrong - but very few that are truly compatible to my style of Domination and play... I've always loved the performance art pieces of Mistress Persephone, and Lucifire, and would love to do stage fetish performances again... I like Persephone's attitude toward her male money slaves though - and I intend to get me some of those as well. I've always admired Persephone's wardrobe - especially her shoes and vintage clothing. This is a woman I could learn much from!

Wish there were more hours in the day... Speaking of 'missives - I have to write Steph and Sam - and return Sabine's email... It's a shame that my three favourite girlies live so far away from me...

Pretty Sabeen

By Rebecca at 7:21 PM | bullet.gif


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