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Monday, August 25, 2003

I wish I had a chance to write this on the 22nd - but my puter wasn't up and functioning at that time...

Went out and saw a gig for the first time in over a year - and didn't enjoy every second of it - but hey, a good time was had by all...

Went to the 'Burbs to see "Forbidden Dimension" playing live for the first time in over 2 years. Saw a lot of the old faces that you see at every gig - the diehards - the rockabilly kids. I felt kinda old - and I was the ONLY grumpy old goth ghoul there besides Mysticia of course!

The venue sucked ass... There was no air-conditioning and the air that was there was so full of cigarette smoke and smog from the fog machine that it made it difficult to breathe. Tomb and the boys were on dead last, so I strolled up and axed him when they would be playing and when he replied "1am" I told him I'd be back...

Mysticia and I went bar-hopping then - over to Cristal to visit all the spooky kids - but it didn't look like that place was rocking either - so we went to our fave - The Roost - to hang out with all the Drag Queens. Mysticia was floored when she recognized a friend of hers that she had introduced to The Roost many a moon ago, dressed to the nines as a woman and entered into a contest the next night!! So they spent about half an hour catching up on life and then we had to run back to the 'Burbs to catch the F.D. show.

The sound sucked ass too. The instruments literally drowned out Tomb's voice. (He told me after the show that I should've kicked Greg's ass and told him to boost the mics). The music was still great - Skunkboy attacked me 3 times and dressed in my platform boots, he screwed my back up good! Bastard! lol This is how Skunkboy gets affectionate!

Mysticia was having a dull time, I'm sure it wasn't her kind of music - I'm gonna send her some burns of the real stuff so she can hear what it's supposed to sound like on a decent sound-system!!

Got to yack a little bit with Tomb after the show - he's outta the horror-loop lately, so I'm gonna send him some of the good Japanese stuff he hasn't seen yet. He's been hiding away lately licking his wounds, which is understandable considering what he's been through with his family lately. He looks like he's been dragged through hell and back, but he's still got that spark in his eye! I got a big greasy-painty kiss on the cheek before I left - tired as hell - wished I was able to stay and yack longer but my feet were killing me and I wanted a bed badly.

I hurt SO bad the next day from Skunkboy's antics the night before - I'm still recovering 3 days later - guess that's what happens when one gets old and crusty! lol

Anyhoo - I miss Tomb and the boys - didn't realize how much until I got to see them play again. Tomb's music and art has been an inspiration to me countless times. One day I am going to get him to design me a tat.

Well, the chickens are screaming and I still have a million and one things to do since I haven't had a working computer in days... So I am going to bid you good night!

By Rebecca at 11:51 PM | bullet.gif


Saturday, August 16, 2003

What a week....

Bruce warned us... Edmontonians are so tight when it comes to supporting art events - especially film - and we are supposed to be "festival city". Blah!

Had to delay the screening schedule by a week, and because of the big power outage out east, I don't know if a week is going to do it - we are going to lose the Paramount if we don't start getting some money over there quick to hold it for us.

David, as per usual, is messing around on the IM programs on his computer instead of getting stuff done like he should be... I honestly think he is looking for my replacement - you know that sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you find a messenger program that isn't even supposed to exist... Whatever! He will never find anyone else that will put up with as much as I have, or work as hard as I do to try and help him achieve a dream...

All I want is to be able to go back to school again someday and achieve a dream of my own. Make something of myself, not have to be so "white trash". Inside the person that is a workaholic and is killing herself by not having any quiet time to spend each day, is an intellectual being screaming to be let out!!

I'm just not happy with life right now - there is so much more out there, so much more I could be doing with myself...

Ahhh dreams... Someday.... Someday I will have a house, and a bf that adores me, an education, a fulfilling job and existance... The family is now out of the question as that biological clock is ticking... One dream gone...

Old age is creeping up on me, and I swore I would never let that happen - seems as though all the hard work and effort I put into each day is for naught...

By Rebecca at 9:58 AM | bullet.gif


Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Liane and I had a blast together at WEM the other day... Haven't done that in ages - retail therapy can do wonders for a person!

First fundraiser for the festival was last night and it sucked ass - not because of anything that we did but because we had tornado warnings all evening and alot of the people had to travel from the 'burbs and it seemed that no one wanted to leave their houses. The die-hards showed (mechagelly and his cohorts) and a lot of the "film crowd" so all in all, it was as good as we could have expected things to be.

Thuraya and Betty both showed as well - Thuraya was a completely unexpected surprise, and I sure hope my face and attitude didn't show the horror I was feeling inside. Apparently she doesn't have any female friends - my heart bleeds for her - I wonder why that is? *drips sarcasm* I don't trust that girl one bit and I'm not looking forward to having to work with her AT ALL. The wounds were just reopened the moment I set eyes on her.

It was SO good to see Betty though. I've missed her so much! It looks like she has finally found the direction in her life that she was seeking and it seems like she has that inner calm back again.

I have no idea how I am going to make it through this next month. With all the responsibilities that they are piling on me at work (I'm being fast-tracked into management) and the duties of the festival and the "horror diva" persona, it makes for very long days and very short nights. Hopefully the Forbidden Dimension show will be a temporary balm - I'll get to see my crowd all at once! No rest for the wicked I guess!

By Rebecca at 12:41 PM | bullet.gif


Saturday, August 09, 2003

Yay!! Liane just arrived - going to visit mummy first of course, but it's my turn later on tonite!!

By Rebecca at 3:13 PM | bullet.gif

It took me a really long time to find something that I liked... Journals have always been a very important part of my life - especially the pen and paper kind - I have always been very picky about my stationery and my writing instruments.

This set-up isn't as "gothy" and "spooky" as I would have liked, but I am fond of the color scheme and I like how the artist has everything put together - I think I'll keep it until I learn more about blogger coding and can actually find some time to tackle the job myself.

By Rebecca at 2:02 PM | bullet.gif


Thursday, August 07, 2003

Just trying out the new blogger skin to see how it looks....

By Rebecca at 7:13 PM | bullet.gif

Heya - just trying this out for size... Hopefully this will replace lj...

By Rebecca at 7:04 PM | bullet.gif


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