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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Okay, just testing to see whether or not I can get the comment feature working on this baby!

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Friday, November 14, 2003

Bathtime Antics...
Bathtime is usually his favourite... My faithful companion, Mickey (my Mollacan Cockatoo) loves to sit on the edge of the tub while I am bathing, chewing on his toys, entertaining me and sometimes he really gets into being misted, and bathing himself... Well, he really got into the "being misted" this morning, got all excited and decided he could swim... This is NOT a good thing for a chicken to do - he can't swim - and the bath water is scalding hot, just like I like it... The poor little sod jumped in and immediately started to breathe water... I didn't know whether to laugh at him or be totally upset - I did a bit of both...

I checked him over and he didn't seem to have damaged any of his little birdie parts, so he looks okay, but with scalding sometimes its hard to tell. He finished his coughing and sneezing and ended up with a crop full of water - but I think he'll be okay. I've been checking on him hourly to make sure he isn't picking his feathers out of any place that might have gotten scalded, and I spoiled both of them with melons, grapes and strawberries for their breakfast this morning - hopefully that will make it up to him for falling in the tub! Silly Chicken!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The festival got backed up a few days because our lovely Yank partner decided it would be more beneficial to him to go and shoot commercials instead of attending to his responsibilities as the "Director of Operations". No matter, it gives me more time to get the website up to my expectations; which can be hard considering a lot of the films we have coming are independant and therefore don't have a web-design team, or a clue of what needs to be captured to promote their own material.

It's amazing how many hours can go into site design - especially the research for the movies themselves. I usually end up being quite educated at the end of the process, not necessarily because I want to be! Living in my household, you aren't given a choice - you eat, sleep and breathe horror...

N E how... I have many, many hours to put in this week, and I am not looking forward to it at all!! I don't know how I am going to get through all this...

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Down to the wire and the last minute details - which I fucking hate!! I manage to get about 40 hours of design dumped on me and am supposed to have it researched, coded and all pretty by the next day!! What I wouldn't give for a second web designer some days!

We've got a lot of great material going into the festival and sometimes I wish I was able to go and see all the finished product - all the hard work that went into it, all the sleepless nights, all the deadlines.

The special guest I want to see are all going to be at the Calgary festival though - really looking forward to talking horror with some of them - see what motivates them to the stories that they put up on the big screen, what their backgrounds are, what makes them tick!

The research is the most tedious of the hours put into the project. I'm a research Goddess - I can find you just about anything on the 'net - mainly cuz I don't give up, and I've had a librarian teach me the proper way to enter a query into a search engine to get max results.

My only saving grace right now is the fact that the design won't change much for the Calgary festival - the director is happy with this version - it'll stay for Calgary and then be retooled yet once again for Minniapolis or where ever the next one is slated for...

Not sure if I am looking forward to the month and a half of solitude or not - gonna try and squeeze a couple of sessions in there somehow then I have the shoot to get done, get my driver's license again - pick up my car.... The list is never-ending!

I am crossing my fingers that Detroit does insanely well so that I get my hearse for Xmas... Really looking forward to customizing that baby... Elvira has the "Macabre Mobile" - mine isn't dubbed yet, but I want to make it ultra-spooky!! We were talking about doing a road-trip once it's all done up - enter a rally or sumptin.... My neighbors are going to have a fit when they see it parked in front/back of the house!

Can't wait until "rainbow_fate" can make it down for a visit. We're gonna have some fun times!

Well, this was a nice angst break, but I still have a million films to update and many hours of web design ahead!! Aaaack!!

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This is right in my neighbourhood - thankfully, I've not ever eaten there and my dog has never gone missing!

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

The End of the World

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Here to whine again! lol

I need a 48 hour day I swear!

I was left with a short staffed office and a computerized nightmare of a mess! I am the resident "computer geek" for this group. And, I wish the Boss man would figure that out! Damn! I've got managers calling me left and right, "how do I do this", "how do I make this carried" and other various dumb things... I don't mind the questions, the morning was just a little insane. This little insomniac workaholic is going to look like hell in a few days... The raise better buy me a lot of pretty things and make my car go!

Sounds like rodney is having a hard time with work as well as health... My thoughts are with you over all these miles my dear! *big mushy hugs*. Sounds like the fates have something big in store for you and you need your health to get to that next level.

Because of where I live, I haven't had the benefit of having much of a mentor when it comes to Thelema and Gnosticism - do they have healing circles? My own personal religion is a bastardized version of the bits and pieces of things I've learned from several different cultures and religions. I've always wanted to learn more about Thelemic theory and practice, but the books are hard to get a hold of, and all the groups out this way have lost their charters... Some day when I am old and grey I will live in a city where there is a lodge or temple and be able to learn more...

Remember how cold it was when you came here to Edmonton to sing for us? Well the snow hit early this year and its damn cold here - a high of minus 10 c today! Another night that is filed away in the "cold, but good" memories pile! lol

See, now I'm just reminiscing and babbling - I think it's time to go and attempt to struggle to get a few hours of rest...


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Monday, October 27, 2003

A few days ago (last week) I was complaining that my career goals weren't moving ahead as scheduled according to me. I was frustrated with the way my hours were being shifted around here and there and pissed at all the responsibility that had been put on my shoulders with little to no pay increase to show for it, I was ready to quit and had actually submitted a resume for an Executive Assistant position because it had very few hours and maximum pay - so I had the ability to go back to doing fetish work again, and coding and design contracts.

WELL - Chaos, my friend, has again visited to laugh at me...

I was given my own store!

I have been fast tracking for management for about the last 3 months, but got discouraged because the management training classes didn't have enough interest for them to go ahead for September, so they were cancelled. They were rescheduled for January - which was WAY off on my schedule - by January I would have gotten bored and looked for something else - I'm a workaholic who has to be constantly challenged to learn new things.

Friday I get pulled into the office by my boss. Earlier she had commented that she didn't expect to see me when she got back from vacation - I thought she meant that she knew I was frustrated with how things were going and I was ready to walk - too much stress with training all the minions and then stuff piled on from home as well... She told me that they were going to pull me from my current store to go and help out another store - I assumed it would be as an assistant manager, so I was excited, but not overly so - I have been an assistant manager for months now (acting, not certified).

The boss' boss then showed up and wanted to talk to me. He told me where I was being pulled (way west end) which I was okay with - I don't like the commute that I am going to have to do every morning, but at least it will motivate me to get my driver's license faster!! Then it donned on me about 5 minutes into the question and answer period that he hadn't said anything about "assistant manager" at any time... I interrupted him as soon as it became clear and said "whoa, back up for just a second, did you say MANAGER?". He smiled and nodded yes. That's when my jaw dropped and the rest of the conversation is more or less a haze.

The big boss left and my boss came back in - and gave me a big hug, told me how proud of me she was and then told me that in the 15 years she has been with the company she has NEVER seen this... I am being given my own store on a probationary basis for 2 months before I have gone to school and become certified. When my 2 months is up, it will be time for management school in January - and it sounds like if I do well for my probation, they will keep me there!

I've been elated and scared to death, up and down for the last 3 days. Sleep hasn't come easily, nor has eating... I took today off to have a "chill" day before I take over. The big boss told me he's half expecting the staff to up and quit on me in the first 2 weeks because they are all of the same ethnic background and I am the white girl going in and stirring things up. It worries me slightly, but I can be very sweet, patient, and easy to get along with if it suits my purposes! *laughs* I've been in management positions enough to know about all the stupid little head games human beings like to play with each other, so I just generally don't even go there!

Anyhoo - I have a staff meeting to go to in a couple of hours to introduce me to my new staff. The big boss has already warned me not to go into this like a "little Nazi" (I'm usually very strict, yet very patient with my staff - I like things to be organized and neat but I don't yell or primp!), which I hadn't planned on doing anyhow - but the boss hasn't had the opportunity to spend much time with me to see my management style with my employees. He has chosen a person that is "analytical with a gentle heart". (his words) but he still worries that I am going to power trip when I get in there. Not gonna happen.

To be a good leader, you have to lead by example - which is my mantra where management is concerned. I like to know how to do everything from the bottom up. I am not a "back room" manager that only does the paperwork - I am right in there helping do everything else that needs to get done in the day. I genuinely care about my staff, but I never befriend them, though that has a lot to do with my lifestyle that I don't want them to know about.

Well, I better get some dress casual clothes together for this - dress the part so I look professional, but not pretentious.

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